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Fast Track CISSP Course

CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional and is the renowned certification for IT professionals who desire a career in information security. The course is easy, short termed and well defined and that is the reason it has a success rate of 97% in the final examination. The teachers are the best in the industry having quite a good qualification background with years of experience of teaching in this field. CISSP Training course study guide includes summary charts, insightful data, up-to-date information and practice exams especially custom made. A free copy of ISC2 official Handbook, CISSP E-learning package are given to the students and Tests are conducted after completion of each domain to catch hold of the flaws of the students.

Why The CISSP Course is Popular

Most of the companies today are dependent on the network storage and quick retrieval of data and for this reason security of data has been the main concern for IT specialists. It is the first course in the field of IT which has been affiliated to ANSI ISO and is a globally recognised course. The CISSP Course gives the employees an invaluable tool to safeguard the organisations.

Who Needs The CISSP Certification Training?

The CISSP Course is a must for all those IT professionals who are responsible for any aspect of network security. It is ideal for middle and senior level managers who are or working towards attaining the position of CISOs, CSOs, or senior security engineers.

The New CISSP Course Curriculum

The new CISSP Course has been formed to meet certain rules which are necessary for securing data. It is basically meant for:

  • Professionals with minimum 5 years of experience in IT field.
  • People with experience in the 2 or more CISSP domains.
  • People in technical, middle level and top management positions.

What The New CISSP Training Course Offers

The new CISSP Training course has:

  • Security management practices
  • Access control system
  • Telecommunications and network security
  • Cryptography
  • Security architecture and modules
  • Operations security
  • Application and system development
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  • Low investigation and ethics
  • Physical security

CISSP Training Course Objectives

After c completion of the CISSP Course the professional will be able to:

  • Implement solid security practices
  • Perform risk analysis in depth
  • Configure proper access rights and permissions
  • Implement access control
  • Secure data as it crosses the network
  • Implement proper change control
  • Understand methods used to attack resources
  • Understand the systems development life cycle
  • Perform security audits
  • Develop a business continuity plan
  • Understand laws on and about computer crime

CISSP Certification

CISSP is the first course affiliated to the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) to ISO (International Standards Organization) Standard in the field of IT. It is a worldwide measure of excellence in the Information security field. The CISSP certification training course is so designed as to make the professionals competent enough to clear the CISSP exam.

How CISSP Training Helps Your Organisation

The advantages of certification are:

  • Certification:
  • Establishing a standard of best practices
  • Offers a solutions-oriented approach in the data security field
  • Enables access to a network of global industry and domain experts
  • Provide tools for data security
  • Adds to credibility
  • Provides a business and technology orientation to risk management

CISSP Course Content

The CISSP Training course provides several learning aids:

  • A 1000 page student workbook covering all the 10 domains
  • Summary and terminology section
  • Supporting graphics and 3-D animation for better understanding of complex concepts
  • A CISSP review book
  • A CISSP E-learning package

Our CISSP Certification Training Also Features

Interactive classes and Review Questions after each domain to test personnel’s knowledge

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